1. Who should be insured the "occupational accident" risk?

Employees of companies belonging to businesses with occupational injuries equal to or higher than the national average must be insured the "occupational accident" risk.
The factor for occupational injuries by economic activities is determined annually by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy. Implementing in 2013 - RD01-Order 865 of 30.10.2012, p. / Prom. SG No. 92 of 23/11/2012 /

2. Who performs the function of the official Safety and Health person in charge at Work?

According to Art. 24 of the Health and Safety at Work Act and Ordinance 3 on the functions and duties of officials and specialist departments within companies to organize the implementation of activities related to the protection and prevention of occupational risks (State Gazette No 91 of 1998. ) for organizing the implementation of activities related to the protection of occupational hazards and prevention of these risks, the employer depending on the size of the business, the nature of work and the nature of occupational risk appoints or designates one or more officials with appropriate education and training or sets up a specialized service.
At the discretion of the employer, the functions of a body in health and safety at work can also be awarded with a contract to other legal and physical bodies or to be made by him when he is an individual. The type of contract that is entered into with the authority on health and safety at work is not explicitly regulated in the Ordinance.

3. Who should sign a service contract with Occupational Medicine Service?

According to Art. 25, para. 1 of the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA), employers must provide services to employees of registered occupational medicine. Within the meaning of § 1., Item 1 of the HSWA "employer" as any natural person, legal person or its subsidiary, as well as any other organizational and economically distinct entity (enterprise, institution, organization, building, farm, restaurant, household, company, etc.), which hires its own employees under labor contract, including performance of homeworking and teleworking, and anyone assigned to work full responsibility for the enterprise or cooperative organization.

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